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Dead By Dawn – Dark By Four



PegglessGET SOME ****

Graffiti VanWhere my dogs at?







Fuck Cops


FUCK CO(r)PS(es) – Necrophilia

A View To A Kill


A VIEW TO A KILL – 17th May-19th July

A Graffiti Photography Exhibition.

Opening Show: Thursday 17th May, 7pm – 10m.

The time has arrived for the opening show, at the new ‘Guerilla Art Gallery’, in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. A VIEW TO A KILL is a group show of graffiti photography. Featuring a spectrum of visual artists from across the globe. Included in the exhibition are; infamous graffiti photographers Alex Fakso and Ozkar Gorgias, right through to some of the most prolific vandals such as COPE 2 of New York and NUG of Stockholm, with many more yet to be confirmed. This wealth of hardcore graffiti talent is more than just an indulgence in vandalism. A VIEW TO A KILL is an insight into the secretive urban culture of graffiti. The exhibition focuses on the pre-meditation, the quiet before the storm, the action itself and the moments of glory.  The tactics and the determination of the graffiti writer, become glaringly apparent, whether he is in front of the lens or behind it. ‘Guerilla Art Gallery’ in no way condones these acts of vandalism, but we are as sure as hell, that it makes for some insightful photographs. So come and join us at the preview evening on Thursday the17th of May. Or keep up to date with the happenings at

Uptin House, The Tower, Stepney Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE2 1TZ, Open to the public on  Saturdays & Sundays, 10am-5pm.

Guerilla Art Gallery is located on the Newcastle side of the Byker Bridge, next to the bridges for the east coast mainline and Metro trains. We have the whole south side of ‘Uptin House’, formerly a 1930s boarding school, in the trendy Ouseburn Valley.

Over the last six years we have built a solid reputation, acting as a third party between the art collector and artist. We specialise in graffiti, street and contemporary art paintings, originals and limited edition prints. We aim to bring a new and fresh approach to the Newcastle upon Tyne’s art gallery scene. –

tonight mathew im going to be


Steven dawson

urban turban

cranes eye veiw


Guess who

Is it abu hamza?

Tinn mooch

random street lecture gone wrong

no comment

Garry Ablett sour buzz

“Alright mate, ill have ten lambert a bottle of irn bru and a meerkat”

clean shaven fenty?

Sure you can lift them cookie?

course i can man ive got the power goggles on



So the usual sketch. Plenty iris melting delights. Paints. People. Piss ups. Billy Laddd. Jock the Dogg. Spragles.

Raoul Moat.

AUGUST. Be there. //Lk.




Bill Murray


Custom offit peg patrol graphics call for details.
Beware on the spot fines will be issued with no warning for anyone caught without grinding equipment fitted to their peddler. Under this new law brought by the new government you will also need a permit for your peg less missioners!

this little lad was snapped just after he had been for splash in the wasteland swimming pool. bmx was not an option for this lad that day a strict diet of his favorite food egg sarnys was needed to cure his “hangover”

Sleep when your dead, if not make sure you’re in appropriate surrounding such as a bed. If not you become a blank canvas for stray hands

The deech testing the prototype of the new euro bb sun geggs last year, due out for june the 7th available in all good bmx stores in both sizes for profiles or primos!

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