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Ian Curtis (15 July 1956 – 18 May 1980)


OC – Times Up (1994)


To Cookie, for reasons that need not be explained here

Lord Finesse Vs Percee P


pt.1 Lord Finesse & Percee P (1989)


Rematch In The Patterson Projects (2003)

Wicked Lady – Out of the Dark (1968-1972)


 Martin Weaver – “My first real band was a covers band but I was sacked by the manager, he said I didn’t fit in (he was right). The bass player and drummer walked out with me and we became Wicked Lady”

STRANGE occurrence


I’ve just had a quick scope around the Skeleton Crew section on here and end up on GREY HAVEN reading the FUGAZI post which in turn took me to You Tube to listen to the debut album, Repeater. After pressing play I got to exactly 46 seconds in to the first song (Turnover) to which the lyrics are “To Turn Off The Alarm” at the exact moment of Mr Picciotto uttering these words the neighbors house alarm went off… It sounded out 3 times and as soon as he had finished saying the word ALARM it stopped!!! I looked down at the digital clock and the time on my screen was 00:00. Although the time has nothing to do with this odds killing case of life intimating art the timing does… coincidence? Or just a very strange occurrence indeed… You decide.

Eric Burdon & War – Tobacco Road (1970)


This one goes off like a rouge firework….. strap yourself in and take the ride!!! WARNING: The last 4 minutes may blister your mind!!

Check the studio version HERE

Live At The German Beat Club 1970
Eric Burdon – vocals
Lonnie Jordan – organ/piano/percussion
Charles Miller – flute/sax/percussion
Howard Scott – guitar
Lee Oskar – harmonica
B. B Dickerson – bass
(Papa) Dee Allen – bongos/congas/percussion
Harold Brown – drums/percussion



The above video consists of a mixture of footage I have accumulated from a few lazy Sunday’s down on the flat rail, If I didn’t take advantage of a wet day and decide to hunt down the clips and put them to use they may have been lost forever…. It features Sam & Robin Watson, Cragz, Raymond ‘Rax’ Inskipp, Scott Thompson, Benn G, Ben Howgate and Pfendty. The music used was extracted from the Johnny Cash dvd Ridin’ the Rails: The Great American Train Story and you can watch the original piece I extracted below in full.

Lord Finesse’s Vinyl Collection – Crate Diggers


Creedence Clearwater Revival


Graveyard Train (1969)

For the graveyard thirty boxes made of bone.
Oh, Mister Undertaker, take this coffin from my home.

The Doors: Mr. Mojo Risin The Story of LA Woman


Mr. Mojo Risin’
Jim Morrison

An hour long insight into the making of one on my favorite albums. (The Doors L.A WOMAN 1971) It was the sixth and last studio album recorded with Jim Morrison (1943 – 1971). The story is told through new interviews with the three surviving Doors members: Ray Manzarek, Robbie Krieger and John Densmore….

Jim Morrison – Lead Vocals, Percussion, Piano on “Orange County Suite”

Ray Manzarek – Hammond Organ, Tack Piano, Vox Continental, Guitar, Gibson G-101, Wurlitzer Electric Piano, Rhodes Piano, Lead Vocals on “(You Need Meat) Don’t Go No Further”

Robby Krieger – Guitar – John Densmore – Drums

Modest Mouse – The Lonesome Crowded West


Get involved in this 45 minute long documentary about Modest Mouse’s 1997 album The Lonesome Crowded West...

Roky Erickson: STAND For The Fire Demon (1985)


Crate Diggers: Adrian Younge’s Vinyl Collection


Bo Hansson Attic Thoughts Album ArtBo Hansson’s third solo album, Attic Thoughts (1975) features in this installment of crate diggers, a blend of other-worldly progressive rock and fairy tale-like ambiance you only have to look at the classic human-insect themed album art to know what you are getting yourself into with this one…….. Hunt it down and MELT YOUR MIND!

brundle becoming brundlefly The Fly 1986Seth Brundle: I’m saying… I’m saying I – I’m an insect who dreamt he was a man and loved it. But now the dream is over… and the insect is awake. THE FLY (1986)

unknown P(AR)le(AS)ur(IT)ES


Unknown ParasitesA change of speed, a change of style.
A change of scene, with no regrets,
A chance to watch, admire the distance,
Still occupied, though you forget.
Different colors, different shades,
Over each mistakes were made.
I took the blame.
Directionless so plain to see,
A loaded gun won’t set you free.
So you say.

Attack Of The Clones.


Wilko Johnson Dr. FeelgoodWilko Johnson (Dr. feelgood)

The video below taken from the old grey whistle test proves we are dealing with fact over fiction! BODY SNATCHERS are walking among us and nobody is safe……. not even Mr Souter!

Pack your bags and run to the fucking hills!!!! They want your life, They want your FLESHY structure.

The Specials – Nelson Mandela


Darren ‘Disco Legs‘ Edwards pays tribute to Mandela at 2:23

RORY GALLAGHER – I Could’ve Had Religion


I could’ve had, I could’ve had religion
But my little girl wouldn’t let me pray
I tell the truth, she drove my spirit away
She drove my spirit away

Robert Plant


“Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down”

Son House “Death Letter Blues”


Son House Black & White Photo Musician Blues

Record Collection – The Misfits: Evilive (1)


The MisfitsThe Misfits Evilive – US IMPORT (1987)

They called us walking corpses unholy living dead they had to lock us up put us in their British hell

Make sure your face is clean now can’t have no dirty dead all the corpses here are clean boy all the yanks in British hell

  I don’t wanna be here in your London dungeon i don’t wanna be here in your British hell ain’t no mystery why I’m in misery in hell

Evilive is a live album by The Misfits. It was initially released as a 7-song EP in December 1982 and later added 5 more songs and released as an album in October 1987. It was released on frontman Glenn Danzig’s Plan 9 Records