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The End


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AM:PM 3 Chris Johnsson



Robin Watson: Civic Center (2015)

STRANGE occurrence


I’ve just had a quick scope around the Skeleton Crew section on here and end up on GREY HAVEN reading the FUGAZI post which in turn took me to You Tube to listen to the debut album, Repeater. After pressing play I got to exactly 46 seconds in to the first song (Turnover) to which the lyrics are “To Turn Off The Alarm” at the exact moment of Mr Picciotto uttering these words the neighbors house alarm went off… It sounded out 3 times and as soon as he had finished saying the word ALARM it stopped!!! I looked down at the digital clock and the time on my screen was 00:00. Although the time has nothing to do with this odds killing case of life intimating art the timing does… coincidence? Or just a very strange occurrence indeed… You decide.

The Great North RUN 2014


Unknown Parasites

Broge’s taking the Bupa Great North Run head on this year and his running it for The Prince’s Trust a charity that helps disadvantaged young people in the UK to change their lives. A few words from the man himself……

Hi everybody can you please take a minute and donate what ever you can to help me raise my fundraising goal. Ive been wanting to run this (The Great North Run) for the past few years but never got round to it so I’ve made sure I entered this year. I’ve been training hard this last year, my goal is to complete the race in 1hr 45mins but we’ll just see what happens on the day, but if you can please donate its all for a good cause and a great personal accomplishment so thanks for reading and get donating…..

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Unknown Parasites


Unknown ParasitesJill died from a single bullet to the HEAD




This man will sniff your bike seat

Mountain Bike Menace






Unknown Parasites Peterborough BMX




open your MIND to me


Unknown Parasites skull

Crop Circles & Graffiti – The Skeptical Investigator


A short Video i made using visual and vocal extracts.

Skeptical Investigator Joe Nickell talks about the comparison between graffiti artists and the makers of crop circles.

Random (Enter The VOID)


The Imposter Is the above photo the result of thirsty revelers taking full advantage of some irresistibly priced booze or is this strategically placed void of facial terror just advertisement gone wrong? Or maybe right, Does a glace towards this fleshy structure have you hunting the bottled percentage!

Fart CandiesHartlepool: FART CANDIES! Reflections of a terrible sweet!

Golliwog BandHartlepool: The Golliwog Band!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACricket Club Refreshments!




Blyth Poster North East England

BLYTH is a Hi-8 video about a myth of transcendence. Retrogressing to a time of foolhearted optimism nurtured by an aspirational government, BLYTH is gently satirical and obliquely humorous in its parodying of another new era we were apparently swaggering into.

With Northern Britain finding itself at the mercy of a new age of austerity, BLYTH reminds us of an optimism now consigned to a recent past, and represented here in a haze of video noise. This is a comment on the fluctuating identities of those living in post-industrial regions, with the advantages of current hindsight serving to contextualise a perhaps careless, over optimistic decade sometime previous.

Through it’s soundscapes, locations, and dialogue, BLYTH exhibits film making of an ambient approach, whilst showing a vision of Englishness that sits outside the status quo. The video is ponderous, atmospheric, and resonating with a social commentary akin to the works of Owen Hatherley, Michael Smith, Simon Roberts and Martin Parr. This is a peripheral England, shown in a way that adheres to that great British tradition of satire.

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers




Vorsprung 2

Fear & Loathing


Fear And Loathing

Fear & Loathing

This Ain't Vegas

“They’ll kill us both,” he said. “Savage Henry knows who I am. Shit, I’m your attorney.” He burst into wild laughter. “You’re full of acid, you fool. It’ll be a goddamn miracle if we can get to the hotel and check in before you turn into a wild animal. Are you ready for that? Checking into a Vegas hotel under a phony name with intent to commit capital fraud and a head full of acid?” He was laughing again, then he jammed his nose down toward the salt shaker, aiming the thin green roll of a $20 bill straight into what was left of the powder.



Lurking Monsters

strip flesh from bone


Short Cut (Salt In The Wounds)


Grave Covered In Salt

Grave Table Salt

I recall the sound my tyres made as they moved across the hardened mud walk way in St. Cuthbert’s grave yard. The sun was nestled upon my back and the gave stones seemed to be passing by quicker than life it’s self. As I continued down towards the exit I remember looking around at this designated place of rest, it was deserted but under the surface I knew it was packed with human structures in their barest form, each more complex than the concrete grave stones that marked their place of rest.

I stopped at the end of the path and began to scan my surroundings , I remember it being DEAD quite and that silence reminded me of the pages of an unprinted book, Which at the time I found strange because I knew each of these past humans who lay beneath me all once had a story to tell…….

I turned and looked back towards the entrance, the sun was flying high and it sent my eyes searching for more shaded visuals and it was at that moment when I noticed something out-of-place, like a partly decaying corpse doing the waltz at a Christmas party. I found myself looking at a grave top covered in some kind of strange white substance. The grave top in question was the last grave on the right hand side and upon closer inspection I noticed its entire surface was covered in table salt.

Grave Yard Enterance St Cuthberts Sunderland

I remember wondering what the significance was, my first thought was the salt was placed on the grave by loved ones left behind who in their self had thoughts of all manner of parasites, worms and other underground dwelling creatures feasting upon a family member or friend, so placed the salt there to be absorbed into the ground killing off the CORPSE FEEDERS and protecting the remains. My second though was to carry on with my journey so I rode through the exit and got on with my day.

Upon getting home that night I decided to scan the pages of the internet and look into the real reason behind the salt covered grave and it’s meaning, this is what I managed to locate.

Salt is used in many cultures for cleansing, purification and protection, and it’s not uncommon to see salt sprinkled around graves in many parts of the world or being sprinkled on people after attending a funeral. In some places, people sprinkle salt mixed with Holy Water on the doorstep of a new home to protect it and to prevent unpleasant persons–or spirits–from entering. Also, salt is not found in witches’ kitchens or at devils’ feasts because the Roman Catholic Church regards it as a hallowed substance. Christians recognize salt as a wholesome and essential article of diet, it seems plausible enough that they should regard it as unsuitable for the use of devils and witches, two classes of beings with whom they have no particular sympathy. Hence the familiar saying that “the Devil loveth no salt in his meat.”

Sunderland Grave Yard

Looking back at my short cut through the cemetery reminds me of this Simon and Garfunkel lyric which i share with you below.

“I will,” said the Earth,
“For all I’ve created returns unto me,
From dust were ye made and dust ye shall be.”

BSD Living For The City Part One


Music: Ike & Tina Turner  – Living For The City (remix)

Split Prophets  – Drop Of Poison

The Rolling Stones  – Ventilator Blues

The Living Dead