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The Charlie Hurley Centre Gates What have been closed since it was  abandoned in 2003 after Sunderland moves to the academy of light.


Just A Game: City Nights

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Mason Gray 

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Welcome To The Make (2016)

Jordan Waters (2015)

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Animal QSS 2 (2008)

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Jamieson Vs The Arial Bombardment

Urban Mist

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The Fancy Island

Fluke Life 

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Finally got my hands on the first Fluke Life DVD. Thanks to Matt Glover. Watch the full thing HERE

OLP 13

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Been waiting a while for this one to drop!! That set up / move at 1:24 is mint!!

Vomit T-shirt 

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Unknown Parasites VOMIT T-shirt’s now available. Screen printed on Gildan heavy T’s £17 posted in the UK.

For info

Email: dchum138@yahoo.com


Instagram: @unknownparasites

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Ben Howgate Boost To Pegs: Washington. Febuary (2016) 

Mark Gralla

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D.I.Y Loft Find

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Atlantis Vancouver 

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Brad Hill

Wink Grant

Owen Dawson

Andrew Schubert

Jordan Hango

Animal Bikes: Chris Carter

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Team SAF/Selectively Altering Framework



Filmed by Evan Gallagher and Andrew Carter

Edited by Joey Piazza

Guest Riders: Erick Probst, Sada Higashi, Tommy Gunn, Darian Robinson, Andrew Carter & Ralph Sinisi

Music: Del The Funky Homosapien – Help Me Out …(dubbed off Joey Piazza’s cassette tape)

Filmed sporadically through 2013-2015 in New Jersey and New York

Team SAF Forever.

Downward Spiral

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Amos Franke, Zach Rampen, Thomas Arden, Colin Fried, Adam Piatek, Brandon Van Dulken, Orlando, Slade Scherer, Matt Desson, Barrett Skylerchuk, James Dean, Jordan Fair, Taylor Elvy, Duke Thompson-Kurz, Swerve, Jeff Jeglum, Andy Roode, Nik Lindstrom, Braden Barnard, Owen Dawson, Nigel Sapriken, Andrew Gobbo, Greg Flag, Kris Conn and Sean Cooke


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7″ (45rpm) Version of the AM:PM 3 Check Please DVD. (The video with 5×7 color print and paper sleeve.

Northern Souls

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Northern Souls Video Premier: Saturday 9th January 8-10pm at the Tyneside Cafe pop up cinema (Newcastle) All ages welcome, £2 on the door!

Abdul Fofanah – Winter Wave

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As Winter on the East Coast begins to set in, we present this collection of footage from Abdul Fofanah. As always Abdul comes through with solid lines and unique style while cruising the streets of the North East. There will be more to come from Abdul and the rest of the crew later this year in our next full length video project.

– Always Good News –

Visual Realism

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