The Make 36 Chambers (Bonus Chamber)

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The Make Crew in Chengdu China September 2014. Featuring The Count, Cookie, Tommy C, Marv, Shaun Hadlington, Wozzy, Clarky, Loz Taylor, Orlando, Wen and Chicken. Affiliates Sandy & Shanky

Sam Allardyce (1980 / 1981)

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Abdul Fofannah

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Orange Line Project #9 (Boston)

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Abdul Fofanah, Chris Crawford, Tony Hamlin, Jake Frost, Lee Hopkins, Sean Burns, Matt Busby, Adam Spitalny, & Kevin Botsch

The Groyne Pier & Lighthouse

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     Jamieson Carne: South Shields – October (2015)


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  Benn Goodall: Sunderland City Centre – September (2015)

Word Five 

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P-Town Parasites (2015)

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Ryan Hendry & Greg Kew

Ambipegstreetest DVD – Kyle Murway

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DVX clippin’ (2014/2015)

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Jordan Godwin (2015)

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damian Racut: Ambipeg Streetest 

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Raymondo: Pole Jam Bars – Washington (2015)

OC – Times Up (1994)

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To Cookie, for reasons that need not be explained here

Volume – The Finer Things: Mike Mastroni

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Music: Purple Overdose – Her Arms Embraced The Sun

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Robin Watson: Civic Center (2015)

Orange Line Project #5 (Boston)

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Music: The Foggy Notions – Need a Little Lovin’

Here’s the 5th OLP Edit, riding from Aaron Smith, Abdul Fofanah, Charlie Webber, Jake Frost, Jake Gayewski, Carlos Rohena, Lee Hopkins, Sean Burns, & a few others.

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  Rax: Outskirts Of Sunderland City Center – August (2015)

Phil Bartlett Welcome To The Make

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Music: The Who – The Seeker

Phil Bartlett joins The Make with an introductory video spanning across the reaches of North America. Filmed from farthest point east in North

Atlantis Vancouver – 2.5 days in Victoria

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2.5 Days Island bound in Victoria, featuring, Jordan Hango, Andrew Schubert, Carl Arnett, Brad Hill, Orlando & Cheng