The End

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Sean Oconnel, Jordan Waters, Ethan Dunn, Bingley, Danny Crossley, Finny & Friends

Fairplay (2010)

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Benson, Jon Gorrigan, Marv, Mike Mills, Joe Fox, Richie Goff and the HHH


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Krishna ‘Bish’ Muthurangu’s Northern Souls 

Eoin Shiel’s Winston 

Clarky’s Strangeways Vol 3 & Dan Conway’s Stinkpit 3 & 4

Coastal Watch Mirror

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Robin Watson – Fulwell 8/6/2016

This convex dish detected German Zeppelins sent to bomb Northeast ports. Their course could be judged from engine sounds focussed onto a receiver, giving 15 minutes warning for anti-aircraft defences to be directed onto them.

Jan Doroba LFS II

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Safe Nath 

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Music: Incredible Hog – Lame


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Ian Curtis (15 July 1956 – 18 May 1980)

Unknown Parasites The Flat Ground (2016)

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Discarded & “acquired” objects put to use down on the D.I.Y spot.


Dchum, Ray Inskipp, Robin Watson, Cragz, Scott Thompson, Benn Goodall, Sam Watson, Bannan, Ben Howgate, Jonny L, Jack C, Jordan B, Jamieson Carne, Logan, Karl Southern, Connor, Dylan Johnson, Aidan Hailes & Guest clip from Adam Peterson


Filmed & Edited by Dchum


Intro and outro extracted from Street Trash (1987)


Music: Phi-Life Cypher – Fatcats (instrumental)

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Ben Howgate, Scott Thompson & Rax – Long Jump Cover (17.4.16)

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Dchum – Fencehouses (19.4.16) 

Dan Conway

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Scott Thompson 


Benn Goodall 


Lost Footage Maja & Rehito

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The access hop to feebal and the curved smith in this are mint!


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Get ya fucking FAXE right

Jordan Reid PDSII Leftovers 

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Hit The North Part One

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Filmed & Edited By James Newrick 

Animal: Athens. Greece

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Birthday Bumps

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Wearside bumps & banks with Scott for his 27th year on earth