Volume – The Finer Things: Mike Mastroni

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Music: Purple Overdose – Her Arms Embraced The Sun

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Robin Watson: Civic Center (2015)

Orange Line Project #5 (Boston)

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Music: The Foggy Notions – Need a Little Lovin’

Here’s the 5th OLP Edit, riding from Aaron Smith, Abdul Fofanah, Charlie Webber, Jake Frost, Jake Gayewski, Carlos Rohena, Lee Hopkins, Sean Burns, & a few others.

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  Rax: Outskirts Of Sunderland City Center – August (2015)

Phil Bartlett Welcome To The Make

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Music: The Who – The Seeker

Phil Bartlett joins The Make with an introductory video spanning across the reaches of North America. Filmed from farthest point east in North

Atlantis Vancouver – 2.5 days in Victoria

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2.5 Days Island bound in Victoria, featuring, Jordan Hango, Andrew Schubert, Carl Arnett, Brad Hill, Orlando & Cheng

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Scott Thompson: Seaburn – August (2015)

Ambipegstreetest – Steven Hamilton

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Urban Mist 5

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2014’s big budget blockbuster. Featuring movements and motions from Gaz, Clarky, Tommy Gore, Leo, Wozzy, Tommy Gunn, John the Fleece, John the Feebz, Sweet Dave, Stan Walker, Puggles, Addy, Mini, Glover, Roper, Newrick, Cookie, Sandy, D-Niles, Jake Waller, Nick Edmonson, Chippy T, Nick Fulton, Pashworth, Chris Brooks and some lad from Birmingham.

Lord Finesse Vs Percee P

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pt.1 Lord Finesse & Percee P (1989)


Rematch In The Patterson Projects (2003)


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Music: Lay Down – Priestess


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Don’t skip this one it’s too fucking good!!!!!

filmed in around the UK (mostly stoke-on-trent).
filmed by dan b & burton (street kid).
edited by grant maddox


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  Rax – Sunderland Back Alley (2015)

Deprived Child “100 PROOF” (2010)

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Deprived Child 100 Proof – Pre LFS (Looking For Spots) dvd release from 2010 featuring Pete mcgrath, doroba, chris assenza, dan diehl, chris lanham and Jeff Ludwig.

Lime Street

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one pair of brakes & no pegs


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   Ben Howgate: Wearside (2015)

A Day & A Few Hours

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The next generation of Sunderland riders… Street edit to follow


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Featuring Jack Leonard, Eli fucking Taylor, Mason Gray, Owen Gray, Charlie Crumlish, Dallas Davis, Chris Cadot, Parker Atkins, Mitch Oudshoorn, Josh Babu. Tom Hrinivich and more.

Atlantis Vancouver “Lost City”

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Filmed and edited: Andrew Schubert
Additional filming: Luke Santucci Wink Grant Brad Hill


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Full pole jam extract from Cookie’s WEARSIDE WINTER 14/15 Edit

Filmed & Edited by DCHUM